Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Patience and kindness

As we continue working on acts of love, we will introduce the next part to work on. The last two weeks we have been working on patience. This is a hard area to work on; for some of us it even seems like our patience was tried... even people who are on time, prompt... seemed to need our patience. Our next part of love is kindness. Now we are still going to work on patience but now we are going to put kindness into the mix. So you need to be patient... and you are ... but you are holding in your reactions... showing patience but leaving the situation before you lose it... Now we have love is kind. So now we need to put on kindness too. That means sometimes you can't just show a little patience and leave... for love is also kind. Kindness is compassion, gentleness, helpfulness, forgiveness... It is too an action. With that being said now we need to be patient and willing to be helpful. One thing that involves kindness is time, taking the time to listen to be helpful... It is more than just saying kind words... it is that those words have power, for the one we are being kind feels your kindness, they feel/believe it is real... Kindness may also involve substance; things or money... even a helping hand. So this week with our patience show kindness. Also let us all show kindness to people this week!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Acts of love

Acts of Love We have been going over the love chapter and last week we were working on patience. That we would extend patience to someone. Now with trying over the years to work on biblical truths; there is one thing I know. That would be that some of us had a hard go of it and some of us were really put to the test. We live life here for years without thinking how to act or been acting the same way of our parents... or even not have embraced biblical actions of love... for in the "church" that it is taught it is not practiced or shown. So last week with patience, how did you do? No matter how good you have done... we all need to remember that we need the help on our Lord and Savior Jesus. Some of us can do well with patience, that they are already a "patient" person... but even so we all need the help of Jesus. So how do we get this help? That we would ask for it in prayer. Yes prayer; Lord Jesus help me, I need it for ________ situation and/or dealing with______. James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously without reproach, and it will be given to you." "Lord I need you help in this situation now, I need you wisdom how to act, how to be patient... " One word of caution, do not believe that if you ask God for wisdom once in an area... that it is all you need. For we need God every day...we need to go to Him every day and more. Yes I do believe that God can give great wisdom all at once... but have not met a person or heard of one, except Solomon. So let us this week still work on patience but with God helping us, daily, hourly... remember to ask Him!

Monday, February 10, 2014

but the greater of these is love

"but the greater of these is love." It is very interesting that these three characteristics are what are to abide. As you know we do manifest a lot more characteristics. In the beginning of the chapter 1Cor.13 it talks about deeds, works... that without love are meaningless. Love is so important, that God has put it to the forefront of everything we can do; and if it is not then the things we do are amiss, not totally right... We here so many times that God is love! But God is a lot more than just love, He is righteous, He is just, He is jealous, He is forgiving... and He is loving. This love is what over shadows the rest. You see love is an attribute that needs to be first. And if it is then grace, mercy and forgiveness can abound. Without love we react in a so called "strict" way. Someone is driving their car and they go 1 mile over the speed limit, you the officer tickets them, no room for error. You forgot to do something, trivial that could be done anytime, condemnation... No room for error, no room for failure... You see love is what breaks down the harshness of life. With what we have learned about love, that it is to be at the forefront of all we do; let us all start doing acts of love together. That each week we will have a way to demonstrate love to someone. So let us go back to the first of what love is, that is love is patient. So this week let us all work on patience. In the home, outside the home and at work. Let us extend patience to someone or ones.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Last week we talked about faith. A common term used in churches... but a term that is not fully grasped by a lot of us. Even I find myself going on before God in situations... instead of bring it before Him in prayer... and waiting for Him to work. Enough on faith. Our next characteristic is "hope". Now hope is to desire or expectation of something. It is a future thing... Now last night I have hoped that the Denver Bronco's and Payton Manning were going to win the Super bowl. Well as you know that did not happen; in fact it was not even close to happening. Now this is a demonstration of what hope is. But sadly this is how most people have their hope. Their hope is in games of chance, peoples performance, of groups, of nations... Our hope as Christians is in Jesus Christ. For the forgiveness of sins and everlasting life. You see He was dead and rose from the dead... And if He can raise Himself from the dead we put our hope in Him to do that for us... Now that is part of what we hope as Christians. Now take our faith and mix in hope! Hope becomes stronger and faith becomes stronger. Now we must realize that we are not making up our own things... Instead we are trusting the things that are written in the word of God, the bible. So when we as Christians are looking forward we look forward to those things that are written in the bible and those things we have hope in. We also put our faith in the one(s) who are mentioned in the bible, that would be God, His Son and the Holy Spirit.