Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pathways of love

Pathways of love. As we continue to work on love we need to realize that being kind leads to other ways to show love. That being patient also leads to other ways of showing love. That rejoicing, bearing, believing, hoping and enduring love also leads to more ways to show love. That these are gate way if you will to other ways to show love. For some of us this is a hard concept to realize; for we have shown the other(s) types of love without being kind or patient... Now those others of love are mercy, goodness, sympathy, giving, helping, including, affection, providing, protecting... and forgetting and more. You see when we think of love we usually think of the latter. Yes, those are ways to show love but one needs to have the foundation if you will for it to be real. We can be helping someone physically and at the same time having negative thoughts... For the helping is good but without kindness, patience... our helping is just a shadow of the real. Think about it. Have you helped someone, and you did it just because... Have you given to someone and had those thought that if they would... How about sympathy, have you given a sympathy card... and had thoughts of ____. How about forgetting a hurtful action. Oh how we do try that instead of really forgiving. If the foundation of our love is right then those actions that follow will be so much more meaningful... so much more effective... and hopefully they will point to our Lord Jesus. For without Him we struggle to show love properly if you will. With that let us all still work on showing love. For next week we will continue with love with going over the fruit of the Spirit.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A reflection on love

We have been working on how to love, how to love people... The last few weeks we worked on patience, kindness and rejoicing. So the step back that we are taking is to reflect on how we have been doing with loving in these ways. Let me share with you some of my reflections and insight. All of us grow up in different families... fathers and mothers who taught us or showed us things about life... and that would include love. Now with that we need to recognize that some have not had an upbringing that showed love in the right way... while some have had that good nurturing. As for me well I fall in the middle of both groups, maybe toward the lower end of not being showed love the "better way". Yes my parents loved me... just like many parents love their children... but there is that disconnect of not knowing how to love or how to do actions of love. For instance when one get's married you hear that love takes 100% and !00% that it is not a 50/50 thing. But do we really understand that? Well we say I love my wife 100% reasoning that we do things for her... not knowing what love really involves. As for marriage I would say that love involves doing those things we learned and more with special desire if you will. Back on track, you see if you are not being patient then you are not loving or showing love. You are showing something else and that else is not good. If you are not being kind to someone then you are not show/giving love you are giving something else and that else is not good. If you are not rejoicing with, then you are showing something else and that else is not good. I started to think about how I related to my children when they were young, you know you learn different things about raising children... good things but it seems that the most important part was not taught. That of showing love, showing patience, being kind, and ... even in the mist of acts of wrong in our children. For it is so easy to lose our patience and not to be kind... when we are dealing with them in times of "trouble..." and when that happens other things take the place of love. Oh how we might control our anger, sometimes... the thing is that the basics of what love is, is not being shown... hence no real love. Even when we are dealing with our children in the mist of discipline we need show the things of love, acting with patience, kindness... Oh how I wished someone would have taught me how to love earlier on in life! You see you are either loving, or maybe just not doing anything or you are doing things that are not loving and hopefully not things that are evil. Truly I want to love my wife, love my children and to also love others. With that let us keep on working on the three areas of love we have been working on, hopefully this will help us all to love more.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More loving

This week we will continue to work on love. Last week we introduced kindness. We will still be working on kindness this week; also we will still be working on our patience too. Last we I made a comment, "even people who are prompt... need our patience." The fact of love is that people need love. Did you get that? People need love and you need love. Now with that we will continue on working on giving the love people need. If people need you to be patient, understanding then you give love that shows patience... If someone needs you to be kind the you show kindness... What I do want us to understand that sometimes we need to show multiple types of love in situations. The next act of love that we are going to introduce is that of rejoicing with truth. In our devotional for this we focused on when one tells the truth; confessing if you will, we should rejoice and forgive. Also we looked at the motives of someone(good will, truthfully doing...) when someone is doing something.... and it goes a muck. What I want us to do is to look at the word rejoicing; but remembering that we need to rejoice in truth too. So many times we lack rejoicing. Someone does something... a good deed we should rejoice, someone accomplishes something we should rejoice. God blesses someone we should rejoice. someone is happy/rejoicing we should rejoice... Even if it seem ordinary, of little importance... The bible is clear, "rejoice with those who rejoice". Romans 12:15 In fact the bible is full on people rejoicing. Psalm 118:24 "This is the day that the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." So let us have a heart of rejoicing and a heart of being glad. So now we are to be patient and kind and rejoicing(also rejoicing in truth); let us work on all three this week.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Patience and kindness

As we continue working on acts of love, we will introduce the next part to work on. The last two weeks we have been working on patience. This is a hard area to work on; for some of us it even seems like our patience was tried... even people who are on time, prompt... seemed to need our patience. Our next part of love is kindness. Now we are still going to work on patience but now we are going to put kindness into the mix. So you need to be patient... and you are ... but you are holding in your reactions... showing patience but leaving the situation before you lose it... Now we have love is kind. So now we need to put on kindness too. That means sometimes you can't just show a little patience and leave... for love is also kind. Kindness is compassion, gentleness, helpfulness, forgiveness... It is too an action. With that being said now we need to be patient and willing to be helpful. One thing that involves kindness is time, taking the time to listen to be helpful... It is more than just saying kind words... it is that those words have power, for the one we are being kind feels your kindness, they feel/believe it is real... Kindness may also involve substance; things or money... even a helping hand. So this week with our patience show kindness. Also let us all show kindness to people this week!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Acts of love

Acts of Love We have been going over the love chapter and last week we were working on patience. That we would extend patience to someone. Now with trying over the years to work on biblical truths; there is one thing I know. That would be that some of us had a hard go of it and some of us were really put to the test. We live life here for years without thinking how to act or been acting the same way of our parents... or even not have embraced biblical actions of love... for in the "church" that it is taught it is not practiced or shown. So last week with patience, how did you do? No matter how good you have done... we all need to remember that we need the help on our Lord and Savior Jesus. Some of us can do well with patience, that they are already a "patient" person... but even so we all need the help of Jesus. So how do we get this help? That we would ask for it in prayer. Yes prayer; Lord Jesus help me, I need it for ________ situation and/or dealing with______. James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously without reproach, and it will be given to you." "Lord I need you help in this situation now, I need you wisdom how to act, how to be patient... " One word of caution, do not believe that if you ask God for wisdom once in an area... that it is all you need. For we need God every day...we need to go to Him every day and more. Yes I do believe that God can give great wisdom all at once... but have not met a person or heard of one, except Solomon. So let us this week still work on patience but with God helping us, daily, hourly... remember to ask Him!

Monday, February 10, 2014

but the greater of these is love

"but the greater of these is love." It is very interesting that these three characteristics are what are to abide. As you know we do manifest a lot more characteristics. In the beginning of the chapter 1Cor.13 it talks about deeds, works... that without love are meaningless. Love is so important, that God has put it to the forefront of everything we can do; and if it is not then the things we do are amiss, not totally right... We here so many times that God is love! But God is a lot more than just love, He is righteous, He is just, He is jealous, He is forgiving... and He is loving. This love is what over shadows the rest. You see love is an attribute that needs to be first. And if it is then grace, mercy and forgiveness can abound. Without love we react in a so called "strict" way. Someone is driving their car and they go 1 mile over the speed limit, you the officer tickets them, no room for error. You forgot to do something, trivial that could be done anytime, condemnation... No room for error, no room for failure... You see love is what breaks down the harshness of life. With what we have learned about love, that it is to be at the forefront of all we do; let us all start doing acts of love together. That each week we will have a way to demonstrate love to someone. So let us go back to the first of what love is, that is love is patient. So this week let us all work on patience. In the home, outside the home and at work. Let us extend patience to someone or ones.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Last week we talked about faith. A common term used in churches... but a term that is not fully grasped by a lot of us. Even I find myself going on before God in situations... instead of bring it before Him in prayer... and waiting for Him to work. Enough on faith. Our next characteristic is "hope". Now hope is to desire or expectation of something. It is a future thing... Now last night I have hoped that the Denver Bronco's and Payton Manning were going to win the Super bowl. Well as you know that did not happen; in fact it was not even close to happening. Now this is a demonstration of what hope is. But sadly this is how most people have their hope. Their hope is in games of chance, peoples performance, of groups, of nations... Our hope as Christians is in Jesus Christ. For the forgiveness of sins and everlasting life. You see He was dead and rose from the dead... And if He can raise Himself from the dead we put our hope in Him to do that for us... Now that is part of what we hope as Christians. Now take our faith and mix in hope! Hope becomes stronger and faith becomes stronger. Now we must realize that we are not making up our own things... Instead we are trusting the things that are written in the word of God, the bible. So when we as Christians are looking forward we look forward to those things that are written in the bible and those things we have hope in. We also put our faith in the one(s) who are mentioned in the bible, that would be God, His Son and the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


"But now faith, hope love, abide these three, but the greatest of these is love." 1Corinthians 13:13. What I would like to do is to still continue with our series of love but at the same time address this last sentence of the love chapter if you will. This sentence talks about 3 characteristics that are to mark/manifest us as Christians. The first is faith. What is faith? This is a hard concept to get our hands on. It is something that is believed, It is a belief and trust and loyalty to someone. The first thing that one needs to understand that one faith starts within the mind/thinking process. Let's face it we are very easily swayed to thinking and trusting varies things. We here it on t.v. and trust that it is true..and we believe it... we put our faith in it... and sometimes later on we find out that it wasn't true... but we still do the same over and over. So let us call this faith on man; for we can come up with many way we trust man and lift them up. But there is a component of faith that needs to be talked about. That is what about putting your faith in someone you cannot see. Putting your faith in someone you only heard about or read about? Remember faith is in the mind thinking. Can one put his faith in someone he cannot see? Yes, for that is part of the meaning of faith. If we start thinking in the way we have learned... without being open to things which are beyond what we can see or that we know, then part of faith is missing. Let us call this part of faith, believing. We come to the reality of God is real/true and His son is Jesus.. this is believing. Now there is another component of faith, that would be to trust. Now what do we trust? We trust the one we believe(put our faith in) would be who he said He is and do the things that He says He can do. Here is the thing with us as Christians, is that we start to expect God to do things that we want... going beyond the things that He said He will do. And sometimes we challenge God to do things for us, putting Him to the test if you will. Things like this is what causes ones faith to waiver if you will. So faith is a believing and trusting, and if you want more faith you need to believe God more and trust Him more!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Love endures and never fails

Love endures all things. If you have noticed when we have been talking about all things we have been putting the all things in perspective of using the term love; not allowing ourselves to get carried away if you will by some things that may not involve love. So love endures! If we look at the word endure we think of being able to with stand a force... not giving in. That love would be victor over hardship, suffering, people abusing... It is not that love will break down all that is bad... even though it will in the future. It is that love will get us through all these things that are in the world. Many times in my life I have tried to get through situation... and yes some if not most needed me to give love or extend love. Here is what I have found that by myself a lot of times I would fail in giving love... that roots of bitterness and... would still be there. That by myself it was not truly in me to extend the love that need to be extended. I needed help and the help I needed was from Jesus the Son of God. Without the power of God it is hard to truly love when we are in the state of enduring. It is hard to give love and it is also hard to receive love. Love never fails. You see when we show love, unselfish true love it has power... It has an effect on people... sometimes you may not see it... and sometimes it takes a long time to do it's work... but love is very power. If you keep reading down in bible 1Corinthians 13 it talks about us having power to do things... Love is not about having special powers... it is about doing good, doing righteousness, restoring, comforting... being in tune with God if you will to love like He loves. God so loved us He sent His Son, Jesus. Jesus so loved us that He did not deviate... from the task before Him of going to the cross to redeem us. You see the love of God never fails, it endures all things. That is the love we all need.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Love believes all things Love hopes all things

Love believes all things. This is a hard concept to get our hands upon! So what I want to do is to give a simple quote of my wife, which she learned from her mother. "Look for the good in people." It is so easy to look at the negatives of people... But if we can get beyond that negative... and see some good... then we will be able to love them... and even be more willing to share the Gospel with them... and hopefully see the good God has bundled in them... So with that we will go to the next what love is; love hopes all things. So let us look at hope; hope is an expectation of something to happen, it is a desire with anticipation... So when we put this hope with all things; it is that we have a hope no matter what is going. We have hope as Christians of eternal life; even a mist of great trials... Also we have hope that all might be saved! There is hope for everyone! So we should have a love for them and hopefully they might become believers in our Lord Jesus.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love bears all things

Now there are two different translations of this the first Love bears all things the second, Love covers a multitude of sins. Love bears all things. Another way to say this maybe that love puts up with a lot. For believe it or not we do a lot of stupid things, we do a lot of injurious things unknowing and sometimes knowingly, we neglect one another, we hurt one another... Love can overcome all the hurts... Now that is, true love, that is tapped in to our Lord Jesus Christ. Love is a strong power if you will, and yes love can do amazing things Love covers all things. Now this will put things more pointed if you will. For a reference in the New Testament would be 1Peter 4:8"Above all keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins." Love does cover sins, now that is true love if you will. For our sin is not only covered by Jesus shedding His blood on the cross; for His action of going to the cross is out of His great love He has for us. So for us we need to understand how to have great love for others. Can I be serious with you all? I have been a Christian for a long time; and in all my years I have not felt or had to suffer such pain and _____... as in the so called Church. Gossip, jealousy, back stabbing, dislike...even while doing good/ good deeds... not to say that I am perfect... Now with that as I go on with this study of love I understand how hard it is to love ones that are Brethren that do things of injury. Here's the deal it seems that the ones who are doing these things are so called 'The spiritual of the Church' . Not knowing about how to be a shepherd, how to truly love... For us we need to overcome their actions of hurt... and to show love... we need to forgive them... Now here is the hard part; how does one trust those who have ____ you? I have heard a lot about forgiveness and trust... it is hard to trust those again that have hurt you. Let us be real it is hard real hard. Not only that it is hard to get close to them again, seriously think about it! You see gossip, dislike, jealousy, with hurts are hard to overcome, they rip deep inside. In fact those are things that destroy relationships, people and even Churches. For us the only way we can overcome is with our Lord Jesus Christ. He can help us to forgive... and to love and He can overcome the hurts... and heal the relationships. He can restore! One more thing is that we will not be the one who is the cause of these great hurts... Guard your selves!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Years note

As we come to an end of the year 2013 some of us will look forward to a new year. A new year to do so many things... We even get caught up in the excitement of making resolutions... sometimes we look at this time as a new starting point. This year I will do better... This year I will get my weight under control... This year I will not act so badly... This year I will try to love more... This year I will draw near to God... This year I will be a better person... So tomorrow start 2014 and like many we want to be better... But what makes this year so special? Some of us have been trying hard for many New Years to be better... And believe it or not for many of us the New Year just fades away in a few days or weeks and we are living life just as we had before. Back to the same old, if you will. How can we change this New Year thing? How can we reach the goals that we know God wants in our lives? Now let us pull back a little and say small goals... small changes... and for some maybe big goals. You see we are always waiting for the right time... timing is everything right? We wait for the right day, we wait for the right season, the right place... But in God's word there is this verse Lam. 3:22 "The Lord's lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." So as we go ahead this new year some may start a right if you will, some might not, some might still be waiting... but we do not have to wait for special days.. to seek God... to change for every day is new and with God's lovingkindnesses; you have to like that word lovinglindnesses. So let us go forth day by day in God's lovingkindnesses. Lovingkindnesses fits in with our study just right.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Christmas note

As we have been going through what love is as written in 1Cor.13, it seems that we need to understand why we love! Let us start with why does God love us? Why would God love me; I'm not that likable... I have messed up a lot and I still mess up a lot... sometimes it seems that I just can't get it right, sometimes I feel like I am a one man wrecking crew or you may think that you have done something(s) so bad there is no way that God can love me. As we have been learning that love is an action(s), but what motivates that action of love. What motivated God to love us that He sent His Son! He does say in His word that not one is good. Why would God love us? Now before we go further let me say that this is not going to be an answer of great theology... God love us because we are His creation, and we are created in His image/likeness. I also believe that God also knows what we would be like when we can handle the knowledge of evil and when we really start understanding the knowledge of good. We are His! That is why He reaches down with love, the love of sending His Son to pay the price for our mess ups... to fix our thinking... so we can have everlasting life with Him. As for us when we accept this gift of God, Jesus, our life is changed... and love for Him becomes more real if you will and more... Now why do we love? A good example would be the love parents have for their children. Because they are yours part of you... The same as love for family! We love each other for we are connected. We don't have to do anything to earn that love. A child could be crying or over active... but as parents we still love them. How much more does God love us His creation. Now why does a man love His wife what is the bond that makes their love stand out if you will. The bond is that an attraction becomes more when they become married for they become one, a bond that is greater than family. Love is actions but before we get to those actions love is a choice. We need to choose to whom we love and then do the actions of love. As for God He chose the world, all of us, that all have the choice to accept His love of Jesus. As for us we need to learn how to love all and to do those deeds of love. Yes, God did give a gift, His Son but with His gift He is still doing what we are learning in 1Corinth. 13. For us we need to understand that just giving gifts to show love is not enough we need to do those action of 1Corinth.13 So Merry Christmas to you all!

Friday, December 20, 2013

love rejoices in truth

As we continue our series of love; we find ourselves leaving the section of what love is not, and back to another section of what love is. You see love is an action, that is doing acts that demonstrate love and as we have seen that it also includes not doing actions that do not demonstrate love. With that the next of what love does is love "rejoices with the truth." Truth, so many times we wonder what is truth in the big picture of things. Some believe that the bible is true and some only think that parts are true... (there is another devotional for this). For us it will be helpful to recognize that when we look at truth in this circumstance that we focus toward individuals. That when we look at truth we are looking at the actions of someone, or ones. Are those actions done in good will? Are they sincere? Did they tell the truth? Are they honest? So many times we look at things of being factually true... that we miss in life when one tries to do something good... and things go array... we only see the negative... Or when one does a wrong we can't wait to jump... on them, make them pay... even when they are up front and tell the truth... our anger... So many times when we see truth... what do we do? but what should we do? Rejoice! So no matter what is happening when we see, hear... truth, we need to rejoice. Yes, when our children tell the truth we need to rejoice! Guess what, if we do rejoice it will help us in the way we deal with them... When we hear of someone who has done something... and tells the truth we rejoice! And if we are rejoicing then hopefully all that negative thinking... will go away. For hopefully when we are rejoicing we can put on the other positive actions of love; being patient and kind. You see when we where honest with God, confessing our sins... and believing that He will forgive us... in the Name of Jesus His Son who takes away the sins of the world. Do you not think that when God hears us being truthful... He rejoices! Not only then but when we come before Him in our Christian walk and confessing our sins as we are instructed in 1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." Not only does He forgive us but He rejoices! He is not up in heaven saying here comes Peter again, can't he get anything right... No He is waiting for us to come to Him, yes with a good attitude... and when we start confessing in truth a smile of rejoicing if you will start... So this Christmas season let us have rejoicing more a part of our lives!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Love is not provoked

Love is not provoked. Now this is an interesting concept of what love is not. When I think of provoke the thought of pushing one to act with anger is at the forefront. Some one's actions or words, bringing up feelings... to get me to respond in a negative way... Let's face it people know how to press others buttons... They know how to get under ones skin... knowingly or not. Yes, people for some reason do put people in negative "light" if you would trying to get that negative response... to confirm all what they have been saying... Provoke how ever has that positive meaning also; to provoke someone to continue in a good direction... to provoke a smile... so provoke is not a bad thing. But when love is provoked it is. Now before we go on we must remember that things need to be put in to perspective. That having a hard black and white approach may not fit; here is one of those times. The first example would be that of dangling an object... in front of someone. You want the object or even have a need for the object... so with that you show affection... even when you do not want to. OK I'm going to say it, "money can't buy me love". Nor can one who does the other of threatening... Another one would be that of favoritism... For if one is doing these things to get love, then one needs to stop doing those things for love is not provoked. The love you think you have is not really love, it is shallow, weak at best. For love is not something that can be bought, influenced... Just like you cannot buy God's love or the love of God for love is not a thing that can be bought. Remember it is a gift! You can try to buy it, steel it, borrow it... but you can never get the real deal with those ways... For love is a gift that one gives... if you need to do something to earn... influence... or buy... it is not a gift freely given...