Wednesday, August 25, 2010

O.K. sometimes things seem not to go right! You do the thing….the good deed….and nothing or very little. Even sometimes it is hit or miss if it ever gets noticed. Even sometimes it may seem that things might have gotten a little worst….We start to think why bother? Does she really love me? What am I doing wrong…..all sort of stuff. But the key is to keep on doing! Remember in the movie that Caleb came to a point where he kept on doing; even when he faced all that terrible stuff…from his wife. Remember the scene when Katherine found the book and she asked Caleb what day he was on? I wonder what she thought when she realized he been doing this for over 40 days ands she really didn’t notice in the right way. But look at our selves how many times have we not noticed the things done for us.
Now so far our dares have been dealing with the so called physical side of life. The next set of dares will have to do with the spiritual side. We hope that you will continue with the previous 6 dares. Yah even if you didn’t get that good response or feeling…how do I know that those things happen? Well remember I’m just a man like you and my wife is just a girl like your wife and guess what; were not perfect…just like you. The next dares will have to do with prayer. The first would be to pray for your wife. Would like this to be daily, but I know some might need to just start slowly…What we are going to do is just to pray for our wives day. That is to pray that she could have a good day and some of her needs of the day. Now the second will be to ask God what does He want me to pray for my wife…The things us men don’t seem to notice and what if any does He want us to do for our wives. Now that will take a little more time than the quick 30 second prayer. It might be that through out the day you bring it before the father! Part of that pray without ceasing thing. Now the key is to start praying, even if it is only a one liner. Just start!