Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Be Strong in His might

 "Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might"  Ephesians 6:10.  

  The familiar words, be strong.  It echo's loud in times of disaster.  As Christians more often we might remember be strong in this phrase;  be strong and courageous;  Found in Joshua 1.  Do like adding courageous, we as men need to be men of courage...

  Back to "be strong"; when we read this we tend to think of us 'ramping up' , 'putting our best foot forward', 'giving it 110%'...  Using our own strength and abilities;  then adding the name of Jesus; Oh in prayer. The Christian life is more than knowledge of God and Jesus Christ.  It also revolves around the heart;   that assurance that comes through faith and hope...  The peace that passes all understanding.  The surety of the Gospel...  It is not just an emotion, a warm feeling... even though that maybe part of it.  It is the assurance of Hope that is give to the believer.  The seal of the Holy Spirit.  More than brain knowledge.

  When we are to be strong it involves us to be strengthened.  That we become strong;  that becoming strong has a source;  we become strong in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is that we take a position of placing ourselves under Christ.  Maybe this will help that we hide ourselves behind Christ.  We can spend page after page on 'in Christ', 'under Christ'...  The thing is Christ is the strength, the power...  As the next phrase says "might" or "mighty power".

  "His might" (who's might? His, God's, Christ Jesus) Might, strength, power... not just physical but mental, moral and so much more.  God is all powerful, He has the ability.  Mental power, thinking reasoning... God can not be deceived, fooled, tricked, or out Satan, powers... nor by man.

  One last thought, the word rest.  If you find that you are doing all or most of the work... with very little prayer... Who's power are you relying on?  Are you the one who says "I got this!"  no need for God?  Rest and prayer, prayer and rest.