Monday, October 2, 2023

Recognizing the Attack

      Recognizing the attack

  Now we talked about being in the battle; now we need to recognize the attack.  That is what is being used... and what weakness... is being attacked.  The first type of attack is that of the flesh.  Our fleshly desires; involving the 5 senses.  

So let's take a typical struggle of most of us, the sense of taste and smell.  Your over wieght, you need to cut back... God has put it on your mind to cut back... Or even your not over wieght but not eating right has affected your health.  

  The attack from a distance your driving down the road and the smell of burgers and fries comes your way.  The breeze just shifted in your direction...  Tempting! Or the television ads, signs... things of every day life!  Used by the enemy!  Let's call these arrows coming our way.  

  We put up the Shield of Faith, asking God for strength to keep it up.  For strength to not give in... (Putting our focus on Him,praise, prayer, reading His word...) Thanking Him for His help as we go through this attack; an attack from far.

  Now the enemy is very persistant.  He moves in closer!  Where?  Home? yes! But let's move to dinner out with friend's, family;  something special.  It's is not a bad thing in fact it is good.  But the smells and sights of great food...  Next thing your ordering a big meal or a meal you should not be eating... not even recognizing that your in the middle of the battle, it's in your face.  Then comes the waitress, " would you like to see the dessert menu"  or even worst she comes over with the dessert cart.  All defences are down...  

  We need to take up the sword wielding it.  Satan you will not control me with food! (As Jesus did, Matt. 4 ).  Ah, reminding our self that the one of the fruit of the Spirit is self control.  That is where, how we want to be.  

  As I write this last night after a special Church service; there was "snacks".  You see temptations can be any where and at any time.  How did I do?  Well not great at first,  but I did walk away from those tables of goodies.  Sometimes it is us who walk to the temptation  and it us who need to flee!  We do not need to stop going to good events...  But we need to put the armour on and use it!