Monday, April 20, 2020

In times like this Corvid-19

Corvid-19 a term that will be remembered for a long time.  Something that has affected the World and the people in it. These last few weeks of quarantine have been different.  My little part of the world, children are not going to school, people are working from home and some are not working. Stores closed... But most people are staying home... doing their part. 
  I try not to watch too much news; it's just sad how they do their job.  It is also sad to see the protest... and to hear people complaining about their rights... Oh it's just another flu... Well it is a type of flu but more deadly. What is the death rate?  3-4% or more. How easily we forget how the flu would affect schools.  Think about it.  Think about it employers how many call in sick with the flu. Think about how contagious it is!  Can you picture what it would be like if we did not do what is required!  Schools with 2,3 or more deaths.  That is Kinder garden, elementary, junior high, high school, trade schools and colleges... Or even some families with more than one death.
  Is it that important, your rights! Or is it more important life?  I choose life.  The life of my wife and children. I choose life of the couple across the street. I choose life of the couple next door with the new baby. I choose life of the families up the street with children. I choose life!
  Far be it for me to be that person not doing my part or advocating against... that the virus would spread by me and one person would die. What would a familiy think of that person who knowingly put people in harms way and the worst happened. 
  I choose life!  I choose to love my neighbors.
  I choose life!  I choose to love!