Friday, October 14, 2022

                        The Sword               

  "The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. "Eph.6:17B  The sword a weapon of war... Often seen as an offensive weapon but also can be used as a defensive weapon.  Is it long in length or short... let that not be the focus.  The focus is the power of the sword not the actual sword.  

  Two points:  The word of God.  Simply put the Bible. Not in part(out of context...)but the whole if you will.  Not adding to it or taking away from it.

The second point is the sword of the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit the third person of the triune God;  Father, Son and Spirit.  The contoller of the sword.  Power of the sword.

  The Christian life is a spiritual life; our spirit being directed... by the Holy Spirit.  We walk in the (with) Spirit... The same goes with the Sword of the Spirit.  The strength is not the sword but the power in the sword, the Holy Spirit(who id directed by Jesus Christ who is directed by the Father John16 13:15).  When we try to use it on our own... we are nor tapping into the real strength..  Let's say the sword is really heavy... hard to wield. But when we are tapped into the Holy Spirit it's light... and the strength.. power!  

Monday, April 11, 2022


  The helmet is a protective covering of the head.  We need to look at the helmet of the first century, it is different from our modern helmet.  The helmet of the first century were made of medal;  bronze or steel.  Hand made... Now it also covered the neck and part of the face.  They were uncomfortable and heavy... hot...

 The helmet protected the head from blows/strikes to the head, neck and face.  For the most part these attacks are close range, hand to hand combat...  Let's put it another way;  the enemy is right in front of you!  He's not off in the distance shooting arrows... He's not at your front door... he's inside right there in striking distance!  

  This attack of the head is the attack on/about salvation.  It can range from the work of Jesus Christ on the cross to am I really saved... and so much more.  This attack on our head is to get us not thinking right...  

  The enemy is attacking and bang a blow to the head!  Good news it's not fatal, but it knocks us for a loop... we're daised... hard to focus... staggering...  next thing you know we are questioning our salvation... were not in a good place!  Then bang another blow still not fatal but our thinking... is slipping.  Salvation is under a fierce attack.  We start not only questioning Salvation but Faith, Righteousness, Peace, Truth.  We start believing lies...  Sometimes this attack is not as violent,  that is that it comes upon us unawares;  we did not even remember when it started... until things are out of control...  Sometimes the enemy keeps you from 'growing in Christ' your ineffective for the Kingdom... He's just waiting for you to fall...  Oh many a Christian are that way!  

  The bible talks about the heart.  So here is when our heart and spirit need to take control of our mind.  Which will bring us to the last part of our armor the sword of truth.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022


  As we continue looking at the shield of Faith we need to back track a little bit.  In 1Thess. 5:8 "put on the breast plate of faith and love".  But hear we are talking about the shield of faith!  Faith is inter-mingled in the life of the Christian.  When it comes to the armor; from the belt, to the breast plate, to the shoes, to the shield, to the helmet and to the sword.   Most important to God and his son Jesus Christ; and who they are...

  Also is mentioned in the breast plate is love.  Love is also inter-mingled through out the armor and the Christian life.  First the love God has for us and then that love spreads into us.  Resulting in love for God and the love for others.  Rememeber the battle is not against flesh and blood, but against Satan, evil powers...  Love will give us the power to pray for people, to forgive people... to be kind to people... Love never fails!  Love will help us fight the right enemy!  Knowing that God loves us will strenghten us for this battle.  A good saying is , We know whom we believe.

  So the shield of faith lifted high proclaiming we have a God who loves us...

  Psalm 143:2 Romans 12:9-21

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

                                  The shield of Faith  Two

    Last week we talked about lifting up the shield.  This week we are going to talk about the aspects of the shield we are holding up.  So many times we get caught up on the physical make up of the shield; not the spiritual.   Not to many actual arrows are flying around, aimed at the saints.

  The first component is truth.  Oh the belt of truth!  You lift up truth, the word of God.  Also you lift up truth/honesty in our living...  You see the enemy is attacking with lies, half truths, twisted truth... deciet.   The enemy is scheming!  That is thinking of ways to trip you up...  that steal, kill and destroy thing.

  The second component is righteousness.  Ah the breast plate of righteousness.  There is a right and wrong,  there are rules; and they are not meant to be broken.  There are morals...  The enemy will attack righteousness.  Watering it down if you will...  That's not bad... Who cares...  That doesn't apply... It's only a little____...  

   I am going to mention these here.  God doesn't care...  then God isn't going to forgive you... God does care and God does forgive!  1John1:9 "If we confess our sin,  He is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong."   Read verse 10 also this will help put things into perspective.   

    Here is  a most important statement;  our righteousness comes from Jesus Christ and our God, the God of righteousness.  Not from our good behavior or deeds...                                                            

With that we move to next component, the shoes of peace.  The good news, that is Salvation in Jesus Christ.  Our belief, trust and hope... that we have in God the father and our Lord Jesus Christ.  This attack is more about is God real?  Is this Jesus real?  As mentioned above is this forgiveness real?  Is it nessary?  As believers we say Yes!  Yes!                                           

  One last thing faith is the hope for thing not seen.  Hope is not luck,  hope is a trust in someone(s).  Our hope is in God the Father, Jesus Christ His son and the Holy Spirit.  God in three persons yet one.  We exercise that hope when we hold up the shield of Faith.

Monday, January 17, 2022


  The shield of faith is next in our armor of God.  We started with the belt of truth, then the breast plate of righteousness, to the shoes of the Gospel of peace. The first three we are wearing.  The shield is to be held!  Not just carried around.  The shield needs to be in the ready position before the fiery arrows come our/your way.

  Many times we have our shield down or strapped to our back.  Seriously the shield is heavy and the shield has to be lifted up to work.  We need to first pick up the shield.  We need to position that shield in the direction of the fiery arrows.  So many times the individual battle is compromised because the shield is not ready... 

  In battle if one is not prepared, it's not good.  If one is not ready, it's not good.  If one under estimates a foe, it's not good.  If one is out of position, it's not good.  If one thinks to highly of oneself, it's not good.  The enemy is real and the damage... he brings is real.  Next time we will talk about faith.  Eph.6:9