Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Patience and kindness

As we continue working on acts of love, we will introduce the next part to work on. The last two weeks we have been working on patience. This is a hard area to work on; for some of us it even seems like our patience was tried... even people who are on time, prompt... seemed to need our patience. Our next part of love is kindness. Now we are still going to work on patience but now we are going to put kindness into the mix. So you need to be patient... and you are ... but you are holding in your reactions... showing patience but leaving the situation before you lose it... Now we have love is kind. So now we need to put on kindness too. That means sometimes you can't just show a little patience and leave... for love is also kind. Kindness is compassion, gentleness, helpfulness, forgiveness... It is too an action. With that being said now we need to be patient and willing to be helpful. One thing that involves kindness is time, taking the time to listen to be helpful... It is more than just saying kind words... it is that those words have power, for the one we are being kind feels your kindness, they feel/believe it is real... Kindness may also involve substance; things or money... even a helping hand. So this week with our patience show kindness. Also let us all show kindness to people this week!