Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This week we will take a little bit of a turn in our men’s devotional; but at the same time it will be right in line, that is with our love dare. Sometimes you don’t know the importance of something, or the importance of some one until their not here. Sometimes we take things for granted, we even take for granted the things others are doing for us; even though we might not realize they are being done. And sometimes some of those things are the things we should be doing our selves. But if you are like me, sadly we forget or say we are too busy. We do this about so many things! We are busy even when we are not busy; just stop and think about it. Do you waste time just doing nothing, relaxing….that is a little to much.
So this weak I want to focus back on prayer. Yes, prayer! It is so important and vital in the Christians life; but it is also the most neglected area of a Christians life. Why am I going back to prayer? Did you realize a mighty prayer warrior of our Lord passed away this week and went home? When my wife and I heard about her passing, this question arose from us “Who will be praying for us now?” You see she was a small lady who sat in the back, older in years and frail. But she was mighty, you see she was used of God as prayer warrior, a mighty prayer warrior. She wasn’t around for many church special events….but she was faithful. And when we talked about prayer, she always came to mind. You see, she was the real deal, she prayed to the father on my behalf and others. How did I know ? She told me, and she even told me she was when I was going through some trials… I wonder how many trials… she prayed me through? I never asked, but was glad she did pray for my family and me.
So who will pray for my family and me now? Who will pray for all of us now? Well the answer is that I should be praying, it’s my responsibility. So this next dare is for us to expand our prayer life. To pray more for our wives (that includes the listening part) and our children. Also for our extended family. Pray for them all, bring them before the Father. Get on your knees….it’s not foolish, it’s important. You know when she told me she was praying for me, I was embarrassed at first, but you know it made me glad inside. Every one needs prayer, so let’s pray even more. So let’s start, nothing is foolish to our God; bring your family before the throne of God. They need it!