Wednesday, September 29, 2021



  "so that you may be able you resist in the evil day, and having prepared everything to take your stand." Eph.6:14b  

  A little redundancy, stand and resist. How important it is that we have the armor on.  Without it are we really resisting?  We need it to resist!  We need it to stand, to stand firm!  The evil day.  Let's not debate 'evil day'.  Let us recognize that even 'good' days can quickly turn in to 'bad' days and vice versa.  Good or bad we need to be prepared.

  'having prepared everthing.'  Have you ever just 'winged' it...  Doing something unprepared?  Sometimes it works... on certain situations.  Not so much when taking examines or fighting an expert...or other things that take practice, study...  Being prepared is very important.  It takes time, commitment, work, teaching, coaching, studying, training... It is directed; using the best source.  It just does not happen.  Would you go fight a professional warrior to the death; right now?(not talking to the trained)   Would you risk your life on answering a math problem?  Oh one of those that take pages to answer. But here is the deal our enemy is not attacking our strengths; he attacking our weaknesses. "having prepared everything"  It takes a life time, one needs to start now!