Monday, February 10, 2014

but the greater of these is love

"but the greater of these is love." It is very interesting that these three characteristics are what are to abide. As you know we do manifest a lot more characteristics. In the beginning of the chapter 1Cor.13 it talks about deeds, works... that without love are meaningless. Love is so important, that God has put it to the forefront of everything we can do; and if it is not then the things we do are amiss, not totally right... We here so many times that God is love! But God is a lot more than just love, He is righteous, He is just, He is jealous, He is forgiving... and He is loving. This love is what over shadows the rest. You see love is an attribute that needs to be first. And if it is then grace, mercy and forgiveness can abound. Without love we react in a so called "strict" way. Someone is driving their car and they go 1 mile over the speed limit, you the officer tickets them, no room for error. You forgot to do something, trivial that could be done anytime, condemnation... No room for error, no room for failure... You see love is what breaks down the harshness of life. With what we have learned about love, that it is to be at the forefront of all we do; let us all start doing acts of love together. That each week we will have a way to demonstrate love to someone. So let us go back to the first of what love is, that is love is patient. So this week let us all work on patience. In the home, outside the home and at work. Let us extend patience to someone or ones.