Monday, August 16, 2021

Full armor of God


  "Put on the full armor of God."  We ended last study "be strengthened by the Lord and in His vast strength".  We need to be strengthened by the Lord...  How do we do that?  Really, have you thought about it?  If I was to ask you that question what would be your answer?  Read your bible go to Church, praise, more prayer...  All great answers and helpful...

  You see God says, "Be strengthened..."  Then He tells us to do something; so that we can be strengthened.  What?  I need to do something?  Isn't having Jesus Christ enough?  My faith...  Well one must consider why God has this in His word.  For now it is there and God says to put it on.  The down fall of many Christians is that they are walking around with no armor.  Walking around in their own strength and abilities(knowledge).

  Seriously, most of us are walking around with no armor!  Some might have a piece or 2...  Like carry a bible(sword) or bible knowledge... but that is not enough.  We need the full armor of God.  Every piece is important; if a piece is not being worn the enemy will start his attack there; weakening you... so that other pieces armor you start to put down/take off.  Armor is heavy!  An when we are weaken; we need to realize that the armor is off. We need to realize we are not being strengthen by the Lord(for the battle); for we (I) are using our abilities...  Not relying on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Every piece of armor is important.  Every piece is made by God and has His power... One last thought/phrase;  The armor is spiritual armor!