Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Love endures and never fails

Love endures all things. If you have noticed when we have been talking about all things we have been putting the all things in perspective of using the term love; not allowing ourselves to get carried away if you will by some things that may not involve love. So love endures! If we look at the word endure we think of being able to with stand a force... not giving in. That love would be victor over hardship, suffering, people abusing... It is not that love will break down all that is bad... even though it will in the future. It is that love will get us through all these things that are in the world. Many times in my life I have tried to get through situation... and yes some if not most needed me to give love or extend love. Here is what I have found that by myself a lot of times I would fail in giving love... that roots of bitterness and... would still be there. That by myself it was not truly in me to extend the love that need to be extended. I needed help and the help I needed was from Jesus the Son of God. Without the power of God it is hard to truly love when we are in the state of enduring. It is hard to give love and it is also hard to receive love. Love never fails. You see when we show love, unselfish true love it has power... It has an effect on people... sometimes you may not see it... and sometimes it takes a long time to do it's work... but love is very power. If you keep reading down in bible 1Corinthians 13 it talks about us having power to do things... Love is not about having special powers... it is about doing good, doing righteousness, restoring, comforting... being in tune with God if you will to love like He loves. God so loved us He sent His Son, Jesus. Jesus so loved us that He did not deviate... from the task before Him of going to the cross to redeem us. You see the love of God never fails, it endures all things. That is the love we all need.