Monday, September 20, 2021


  "Therefore, put on the complete armor of God"  Eph.6:13a  'Therefore' ok that means take a look back at what was just said...  So we have an adversary, who is scheming. We have struggles with rules(who are not following Jesus Christ and God's laws, principles and ways), we have powers( let's call them entities, who are not following- same as above), we have world forces of darkness and spiritual forces in the heavenly, wickedness.  A lot of reasons that we need the armor.  We need the complete armor!  All pieces are important, all pieces have a role.  One piece not in place will affect the others, and give the enemy an advantage... resulting in a battle being lost...  How about retreating(giving up ground) or even worst surrendering.

  With the armor we can resist and stand our ground.  Standing our ground firmly, "fully prepared, immovable, victorious."  Without the armor not good; many of us think we are doing 'good', 'fine' in our Christian walk without the armor.  Really think about it, have you really fought the battle?  Or just kind of made concessions... for peace... or just ran away... gave in...