Monday, January 17, 2022


  The shield of faith is next in our armor of God.  We started with the belt of truth, then the breast plate of righteousness, to the shoes of the Gospel of peace. The first three we are wearing.  The shield is to be held!  Not just carried around.  The shield needs to be in the ready position before the fiery arrows come our/your way.

  Many times we have our shield down or strapped to our back.  Seriously the shield is heavy and the shield has to be lifted up to work.  We need to first pick up the shield.  We need to position that shield in the direction of the fiery arrows.  So many times the individual battle is compromised because the shield is not ready... 

  In battle if one is not prepared, it's not good.  If one is not ready, it's not good.  If one under estimates a foe, it's not good.  If one is out of position, it's not good.  If one thinks to highly of oneself, it's not good.  The enemy is real and the damage... he brings is real.  Next time we will talk about faith.  Eph.6:9