Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A battle is raging finally

    Some times we do not notice things.  My wife would re arrange the furniture in the living room; I would come home from work( an excuse I worked long hours- not really an excuse) I would sit on the moved sofa  and not even notice the difference in the room...  How can that be?  I wish that was my list of not noticing at home.  We all miss things that are seen, heard, smelt, tasted and felt that are right there.  Did you see that?  What!  Did you hear that?Can you smell that?  Thank goodness no!  Can you taste the hint of clove? Did you feel that? ( Not feelings of emotion).  We use our senses; but sometimes a sense of somethings wrong, amiss... from deep inside also helps us notice.

  There is a battle raging around us!  Christians this battle is at your door step if you will.  It is there if you notice it or not; if you believe it or not.  This battle is not just a corporate fight; it is a one on one battle.  A battle were you/I need to fight individually.  You can not fight my battle and I can not fight yours;  we can encourage each other... 

  In Ephesians 6 it tells us about this battle and how to fight it.  In verse 10 it starts off with "finally".  So many times we just do not consider what is being said.  We think finally- one last thing/point.  Which takes our mind off of what was just said, Ephesians 1-6:10.  The Apostle Paul writes 5 plus chapters for us of the Christian walk/life...  Chapter 1 Key words and phrases: Who has  In Christ  In him  His will  He made known  In Christ   In Him  Holy Spirit  God's power in Christ

  Chapter 2  you were dead  without hope   But God   rich in mercy  great love   alive with Christ  (read verses 6-9)

Chapter 3 God's grace    Co heirs  Paul's prayer of strength  christ dwell in your hearts through faith            depth of God's love

Chapter 4 Live worthy of the calling  no longer tossed      put on put off  one Lord  one hope  one faith

Chapter 5 Be imitaters of God do not be decieved testing what is pleasing to God  Pay carefull attention  The wives and Husband thing

Chapter 6 Children obey  slaves obey  do God's will from your heart  no favortism  then "finally"

  Paul tells A lot about this Christian life foundational principles of who we are in Christ to how to live in Christ... then comes the "finally" .  Because there is a battle going on,  the enemy(s) is real.  You are in the mist of this battle like it or not; and if you are not prepared damage is being done!  This is not a computer game where you just pich up health and everthing is good as new... Damage,  hurt, pain,  hardship and...  Here is what the enemy wants to do, 1Peter 5:8-9 "Be of sober spirit, be on the alert.  Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."  John 10:10 "The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy"    

  Recognize there is a battle.