Friday, February 10, 2017

Feb. 10, 2017 It has been a while. Life takes turns and twist… but most of those are not an excuse for doing the things of our God and Lord Jesus Christ. As I ‘look’ around our country through the news I have a hard time. Our country needs prayer. Our President needs prayer, our leaders need prayer, their advisers need prayer. Do you believe that to be true? So let us all start praying for this great need. When now, hopefully this would become a weekly thing moving toward a daily. Lord Jesus our President, Trump needs your wisdom to govern our nation. Just as Solomon asked God for wisdom (1Kings 3) may you also give wisdom to our President. Also, the same wisdom to our leaders under him. Help us as people to pray for our leaders. Help us as people to obey the laws of our country. Help us to obey the laws of our God. Help us to honor our country. Help us to honor those who serve our country. For our country is not just land and water. It is the people that make a country. I will end with these famous words; God bless America. Yes simple prayer is where it starts but continues prayer is the goal. Whether you pray weekly or daily, short or long our leaders need prayer. The thing is that we pray.