Friday, June 5, 2020

One bad act

A terrible act!  Hard to believe! Still harder that it could have been stopped!  This one terrible act has put the Country in turmoil.  It is hard to believe what is happening.
  This one act has triggered more acts of violence... It has triggered more than that; a lack of trust, respect, love and... From one victim to many!
 Justice is the cry!  Yes, justice needs to be enforced! No one wants justice to be selective.  At the same time should justice be enforced for the ones looting(stealing), for the ones setting fires(arson), for the ones causing harm, for the ones trying to kill.  Justice is the cry! 
  This is America!  It is 2020 and we need to unite not only for justice but for the respect... of every man, women, child and yes babies. Everyone matters!  When you start leaving someone out terrible things happen.  We need to love one another
  Just one more note.  Your house is being rob!  Someone is stealing your car!  Someone is breaking in your house!  Your home is on fire!  The list goes on... Who are you going to call?  The Ghost Busters?  No the police!  Yes their are a lot of good police officer's!  Risking their lives to serve the public.  Some have given their lives!  Think about that.