Saturday, January 30, 2016

Love requires hard work

So many times we hear people say that they love you. We even say to family, friends, workers and fellow Church members that we love them. Or on the other hand we do not say those important words. Husbands don't tell their wife that they love them. Fathers don't tell their sons that they love them, nor their daughters. We verbalize love sometimes and sometimes we do not. Some find it easier to say 'Love you' to people but to say those words to the ones dear and close, those words are so hard to say. It seems that we are all mixed up when we try to verbalize love. One thing for sure is that your wife needs to hear those words, " I love you". Your children need to hear those words, "I love you". There seems to be power in those words. The feeling of being loved, is a great thing. Now to verbalize love is a need; that we all need to hear; and a need we need to express. Love is so much more than those 3 words of "I love you". For those words need to be back up with actions. Love is so much more than words! Love needs to be told, but actions need to behind those words. In our study on love we learned that love requires action. For 'I love you' without the proper action of love is just an empty phrase. A phrase of no meaning for the substance, the 'work' behind it is missing or done a miss. Love requires work, hard work. This work, the work of love seems to never end. Yes the work of love never ends, for every day love needs to be given. Every day we need to demonstrate love verbally and in deeds. Especially when the one receiving love does not deserve, appreicate the actions of love. Love requires hard work!