Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can you believe it; I made a mistake. Should have said we would have 3 weeks to do those 2 dares. So here is the big question; did you do them? Now to an even bigger question; did you do them more than once…these past 3 weeks. So hopefully you have done these dares the last few weeks. It does take some work and thought. Now the next dare will take a little more work, time, thought and resources. As with the others it to will be a combination of 2 dares from the book. The first would be to yield to your spouses wishes. An example would be to go where she would like to go, have for supper what she would like to have….You see some times we get in a rut of not allowing our love ones to be them selves, because we don’t want to do or like….what they want to do or like. To love someone is to be interested in the things they are interested in. Now here are some suggestions; movies, shopping, points of interest(vacation…)food…
Now the second part of the dare has to do with the way we act. Sometimes as the days, weeks and years go by we get into a familiar type of rut. “Good morning dear, good morning honey”, we start saying in that monotone voice. We just lost the spark we had in our actions toward our wives. So this week spice up the way you greet your wife. Put that smile back on, that quick step as you walk into the house….remember this is the girl who took your breathe away. Have you ever came home from work and did this type of thing? Honey I’m home…..”What’s for supper?” and we do that day in and day out. Now let’s spice up our greetings through out the day.

Eph.5:28 “So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies, He who loves his wife loves himself;”

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