Friday, October 15, 2010

A little change

A little bit of a change for the start of this years/ season of devotionals ( the title). Sometimes we need change in our lives. To mix things up a bit. That is true of us as Christians. The change that we are talking about is not the same as the world thinks, but the change as God will have for us. There he goes again, you maybe thinking, telling us about changing to be a better husband, father…well yes. But hold on a bit, hear me out on this issue. When we think of change as believers sometimes we only think of the on going work of Jesus, dealing with our sinful habits, ways; our wrong thinking…and yes we need to change in that regard.
The change that I’m talking about here is the one of getting out of a routine that is, same old…We have a schedule and we don’t break it or go out of order. Know I’m not talking about work schedules, school schedules…but the things we do with our free time schedules. Some things we do just characterize us and some times it keeps us from doing different things. Also sometimes we don’t do things because of a so called dislike, it’s takes a little effort, not to sure of the new ground and sometimes because of fear. So what we need to do as men is to not get stuck in the routine of life, we’re we start to be boring. Last week we talked about be excited about going to church and Sunday school. Which is a good routine to get in to. Now as Christians there are a lot of other things we can do also to spice up our Christian life. That is to reach out. What do I mean reach out? That is to do something different. O.K. Let’s just go to a list of things, this will help us with this topic. Go to a Faith groups, Pot luck supper, bible studies, invite a family for dinner, go help a brother, check out the youth ministries or other ministries (you don’t have to join but it’s o.k. to check them out), start doing things with friends….Sometimes we need to stop doing things, for me turn off the t.v. ,there is so much available to us in this modern day. Being a Christian should be fun. So a little change is good as long it is directed toward the good.

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