Monday, January 18, 2021

America in trouble

   This past year was a challenge; covid-19 restrictions...  But maybe more than the restrictions was the fear;  the fear of covid-19.  The sad thing is that fear of coved-19 turned into fear of people.  Parents(older) afraid of son's and daughter's;  their grand children...  and son's and daughter's afraid of parents.  Brothers and sisters (with their own family) afraid of each other... We love you but.   

  At the same time it's ok to go to work...  It's ok to go grocery shopping.  It's ok to go to walmart, target,  restaurants,  camp grounds, and ect.  But to go over and say hi to family...  fear.  I am not talking about family members being in harms way...  Who would have thought this could happen.

  Also this past year the political unrest.  Fueled by hatred.  Fueled by the news media.  Fueled by social media.  It is so bad who knows what is true or not.  Fake news.  Staged news.  Miss quoted news... 

  This paragraph--  Riots  

  Think about it it is something you read in history books.  Not good.

    What is happening to the United States of America?  

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