Monday, September 6, 2021

All the schemes of the devil


  "against all the schemes of the devil."          Eph.6:11b

  Last week we left off with standing.  That is standing firm with the full armor of God, battle ready.  Here is where we get to know who the enemy is,  the devil.(more about the enemy next week).  

  Before we get to far, we are standing against an opponent, the devil(a force).  So a force comes against us, we use our force(armor, God's force) to counter the force.  The force we use nuetralizes the opposing force. Another word or concept would be resist.  Resistance.  The key is using God's whole armor.  

  In battle one needs to know the weapons of the enemy and also when the enemy is going to attack.  Let's look at the attack.  It can happen at any time!  One must remember the enemy is smart... Attacking when we are not expecting or during weakness...

  Now to the weapons;  I'm leaving it as weapons so we can realize how broadly the weapon is used.  Schemes is the weapon.  The Devil is a master(not us) .  "all the schemes"   What are schemes?  2 definitions 1. large scale systematic plan or arrangement for altering a particular object or putting a particular idea into effect. 2.  making plans, especially in a devious way or with intent to do something illegal or wrong. (against the principles and ways of God)

  So a scheme is not good.  It is usually done secretly, silently... Hard to detect when it is happening.  'Large scale' targeting many but also a 'single' target is very prominent.  The enemy is working in vast battle fronts and his ways are relentless.  He attacks you, me.  He attacks families, Churches.  He attacks schools, businesses.  He attacks governments.  Any one, any group, any family or institution that stands for God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  

  The goal is to get us to think like him and act like him... (kill, steal and destroy)he is against our Lord Jesus Christ.

  Schemes of the devil are crafty, cunning, deceitful, lies, twist words, 1/2 truths, misquotes truth... and sometimes promises a seemingly good.  The schemes of the devil are brilliant well thought out plans...  Sometimes simple, others complexed.  The point is he uses what ever works...  Stand firm with the whole armor of God.

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