Monday, October 4, 2021

Belt of truth


  "Stand therefore with truth, like a belt around your waist."  Eph.6:14a   To make sure we understand the importance of our position in this battle; it once again begins with 'stand'.

  The first piece of equipment is the belt;  The belt of truth.  Let's talk about the belt; one might not think or it as important... but it is very important. It holds things together.

  Most are probably like me;  you know around the weapons table (movie scenes) looking at the guns...  One must notice that before those soilders got there the belt... was already on.  They are not skipping steps of preparation...

  "Truth"   In our modern era, it seems that 'truth' is becoming a relavent term.  Being redefined to fit peoples 'wims'...  Truth is the property of being in accord with fact or reality.  Fact a good example would be numbers 1 plus 1 equals 2 ...  Another would be he has 100 dollars.  Jim was born in 1950.  Then we have things like the circle is round; it is ascribed that.  A square is square.  Truth is truth it is factual and also has reality.  When we start to alter the reality part... then it is not truth.  The same with altering the factual.

  Back to the belt of truth.  As believer's in Jesus Christ.  We believe certain truths about God, about His son Jesus Christ and about the Holy Spirit.  Even though we live in world that does not.  As a result of our belief in God, we also believe that the word of God, the bible, is the 'truth'.  Hence is the basis of truth.  We need to remember that all Scripture is inspired by God. 2Tim.3:16  The word of God our first Part of our Armor.

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