Monday, April 15, 2024

The attack on the mind

  The attack on the mind     

  Last time we talked about the attack of the flesh.  Now we move to the attack of the mind.  We can spend page after page; it is vast and complexed.  Let us talk about some of the attacks.  

  The attack on truth:  About God the Father, Jesus Christ His son and the Holy Spirit.  About their existence, their creative work, redemptive work and guiding work. That the word of God is true, powerful...(twisting of Gods word, miss quoting, manipulating, adding to or taking away God's word).  It is important to be reading the word to combat this attack.

  The attack on truth:  About people.  That is thinking badly or negatively about someone.  There are alot things said, thoughts, reactions and expectations.  Sometimes we forget that we too are sinners saved by grace.  'Stinking thinking' is what I am talking about.  It is beyond caution, moving toward judging; that judging that is not good! 

The attack of truth we are to stand firm on/with the word of God; hence knowing God's word.  We focus on All that God says, About Himself, His son and the Holy Spirit and what He say is the right way to live.  So the attack of the mind, stand firm in truth; God's truth( the complete word of God).  One more thing when dealing with others we stand firm with love and mercy and grace as taught in the word of God.  For people are not the enemy.

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