Monday, October 25, 2021

Breast plate of righteousness


  The breast plate of righteousness.  So the breast plate is the armor that covers your chest and upper back.  In modern terms, your armored vest.  A important piece of equipment; protecting our organs... from a deadly/fatal strike.

  What is righteousness?  The quality of being morally right or justifiable; virtuous. very good and excellent.

  As we look at righteousness it needs to be filtered through the truth of God's word.  When we start using the filters of the world, others or even our self; that is when the attack is at hand.

  Righteousness has to do with conduct; how we act and think. A lot of us would think about morals; thus sexual thinking... but it is much more than that.  It involves our thinking on issues of life...  From murder, stealing, lying and coveting(2 types goods and people) But more important it involves our relationship with God and Christ Jesus. The faith in Christ Jesus is what gives us the position of righteousness before God. Faith in Christ Jesus is what draws us to live a righteous life. 

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