Friday, October 15, 2021



Last time we looked at truth with the Christian perspective;  that is the Bible as the 'truth' and foundation of truth.  The attack of the truth of the bible...

  Now we will look at truth in our everyday life.  As mentioned last week truth is being attacked and it is also being attacked in the ways of daily life.  With truth being relevant, with truth being of little value in ones character, with truth being redefined... 

  With truth is linked the word honesty.  Honesty or truthfulness is a character trait of great worth.  Integrity is also linked to truth.  What does that involve?  Telling the truth, no lies, no half truths, no hiding the truth...  It also involves being 'upset' with untruth; that is lies.. half truth or suppressing the truth, covering up the truth.. Let's also include falsehood. 

  Men and women of truth is needed!  When one find them self compromising... the battle is upon you.  Stop and stand for truth.  

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