Monday, April 11, 2022


  The helmet is a protective covering of the head.  We need to look at the helmet of the first century, it is different from our modern helmet.  The helmet of the first century were made of medal;  bronze or steel.  Hand made... Now it also covered the neck and part of the face.  They were uncomfortable and heavy... hot...

 The helmet protected the head from blows/strikes to the head, neck and face.  For the most part these attacks are close range, hand to hand combat...  Let's put it another way;  the enemy is right in front of you!  He's not off in the distance shooting arrows... He's not at your front door... he's inside right there in striking distance!  

  This attack of the head is the attack on/about salvation.  It can range from the work of Jesus Christ on the cross to am I really saved... and so much more.  This attack on our head is to get us not thinking right...  

  The enemy is attacking and bang a blow to the head!  Good news it's not fatal, but it knocks us for a loop... we're daised... hard to focus... staggering...  next thing you know we are questioning our salvation... were not in a good place!  Then bang another blow still not fatal but our thinking... is slipping.  Salvation is under a fierce attack.  We start not only questioning Salvation but Faith, Righteousness, Peace, Truth.  We start believing lies...  Sometimes this attack is not as violent,  that is that it comes upon us unawares;  we did not even remember when it started... until things are out of control...  Sometimes the enemy keeps you from 'growing in Christ' your ineffective for the Kingdom... He's just waiting for you to fall...  Oh many a Christian are that way!  

  The bible talks about the heart.  So here is when our heart and spirit need to take control of our mind.  Which will bring us to the last part of our armor the sword of truth.

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