Friday, October 14, 2022

                        The Sword               

  "The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. "Eph.6:17B  The sword a weapon of war... Often seen as an offensive weapon but also can be used as a defensive weapon.  Is it long in length or short... let that not be the focus.  The focus is the power of the sword not the actual sword.  

  Two points:  The word of God.  Simply put the Bible. Not in part(out of context...)but the whole if you will.  Not adding to it or taking away from it.

The second point is the sword of the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit the third person of the triune God;  Father, Son and Spirit.  The contoller of the sword.  Power of the sword.

  The Christian life is a spiritual life; our spirit being directed... by the Holy Spirit.  We walk in the (with) Spirit... The same goes with the Sword of the Spirit.  The strength is not the sword but the power in the sword, the Holy Spirit(who id directed by Jesus Christ who is directed by the Father John16 13:15).  When we try to use it on our own... we are nor tapping into the real strength..  Let's say the sword is really heavy... hard to wield. But when we are tapped into the Holy Spirit it's light... and the strength.. power!  

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